Almost every street corner of Groningen breathes Eurosonic Noorderslag during the festival, and there are lots of activities during the day and nighttime all around town. Please take the time to enjoy them! Wander around the town and get a taste of the atmosphere!

General City Tips

Everyone is prone to forget something, whether it may be just a simple shirt or sweater or, more importantly, your PJs or toothbrush, so it’s a good thing that stores are open every single day from 09.30 till 18.00 on Wednesdays and Fridays, till 21.00 on Thursdays, and till 17.00 on Saturdays. However, in case you get hungry, supermarkets across town are almost all open until at least ten o’clock.   

Also, don’t worry about finding your way around town. Use our map or just ask around. The good thing is that all Eurosonic venues are within walking distance. So, if you do get a little lost, the chances are good that you’ll just end-up seeing another amazing band live. And, in case you don’t feel like walking (or biking if you get the chance), just take a taxi to your location. Because Groningen is such a small town, it’s likely to trip will only cost you a few euros.  

In case anything else goes wrong, don’t worry! We have an excellent team of artist hosts, stage managers, drivers, and other employees that have been working at Eurosonic Noorderslag for years. With over 350 bands playing at 30+ venues over 4 days, things can go wrong. Please never hesitate to ask our people anything, whether it is technical or for more general information. They’ll even take the time to tell you about the city if you ask them where they like to hang out at night!

Hangouts: coffee, food & some music

For great coffee, we would advise you to drop by The Coffee Company, located at Oude Ebbingestraat 39. Together with Plato, one of the biggest and best independent music stores in Groningen, they organise music sessions in their café. So, in case you’re roaming the cold streets and want to warm up a little, do try to find your way there. On the other hand, if you just wanna enjoy some cofee in peace and quiet, go to Coffee Company's second store at the Carolieweg 33.

And, in case you fancy eating something while wandering around the city, check out some of our partner cafés and restaurants. If you are looking for a quicker bite, you can try a Groninger eierbal at the De Hoek on the corner of the Grote Markt (next to the Grand Theatre venue). But if you’re afraid of deep-fried eggs, do try a kroket or bitterballen – some of the most popular meat-filled snacks in Holland!  

Oh, and… this isn’t supposed to be here, act like you haven’t read it… Are you looking for a good, trustworthy coffee shop? Go ask for De Tevreden Rookster, De Vliegende Hollander at Zuiderdiep or Metamorphose on Oude Boteringestraat. They are open during shop hours, and definitely one of the best ones in town.  

If time is really on your side, we also recommend visiting the Martini tower. If you manage to climb all the stairs, you get one of the best views of Groningen. In fact, no one is allowed to construct a building higher than the Martini tower. A mandate of the Groninger government.  

Oh, and in case you do pop by The Coffee Company or Plato, don’t forget to show your wristband. At Coffee Company, you get your second cup of coffee for free and at Plato you get a 10% discount.