Cashless at Eurosonic Noorderslag 2017

UPDATE: As of February 14, it is no longer possible to create a cashless profile. If you previously created a profile and your information is entered correctly we will transfer the remaining balance on your chip to the bank account you specified.

This can take up to two weeks.If you have any other questions about your cashless account, please contact us:


During this edition of Eurosonic Noorderslag, paying will be easy. Together with YouChip, we expanded the cashless system that makes it possible for you to pay at the bar with your wristband. This way you won’t have to stand in line for as long, you don’t need to fill your pockets with tokens, and at the end of the festival you’ll be able to get your credit back automatically on your bank account!


If you have a Eurosonic ticket or a passe-partout, you will receive a wristband with a chip. If you are only visiting Noorderslag, you pay with the Chip Card. In De Oosterpoort you pay completely cashless. At Eurosonic all the venues are cashless or, if you prefer, you can also pay with cash and/or card.

How does it work?

Top Up: At the Top Up points you can put credit on your wristband. The exact locations can be found on the map below and in the timetables. Visitors of Noorderslag without a wristband get a free chip card at one of the Top Up points.
Online profile: Before the festival you can create an online profile and load money onto it. When collecting your wristband the money will automatically be added to your balance. When topping up your balance online, you can indicate that you wish to automatically have your remaining balance refunded after the event. Visitors of Noorderslag that topped up online should hold on to their ticket and take it to the manned Top Up point at the entrance of De Oosterpoort.
Online Top Up: After collecting your wristband you can still top up online, but you will have to go to one of the Top Up points to actually load the money onto your chip.
Paying: You will now be able to pay with your wristband. At the bar, you order what you want and when the bartender tells you; scan your wristband to pay. The display shows your order, the amount charged and the new balance on your wristband.
Make a pot: At every Top Up point you can get a free chip card that you can charge with the amount of money that you want to spend together.
Refund: At Eurosonic we only do online refund. You can get your money back without extra costs. Fill in in your registration data or the number of the chip on your wristband or chip card and fill in your bank details. This is possible until 30 days after the event.
Invoice: Delegates have the option to download a purchase history with VAT specification from their cashless profile one week after the event. 


If you need assistance, you can always ask an employee at on of the Service Points. You can find the exact locations on the map below and in the timetables. Do you have any questions before or after the event, please sen dan email to

Good to know:

  • You can put a maximum of € 200 on your chip. 
  • Wristbands with a chip are only valid when they are intact and around your wrist. 
  • At the Top Up Points can pay with either pin or credit card (without extra costs), or cash.
  • Eurosonic Air and the 3FM stage are completely cashless. You can also pay with credit/debit card and Maestro.