Future of Media

Meet Up @ ESNS
Together with VPRO Medialab Eurosonic Noorderslag launches the Future of Media program line. In an interactive session for makers and creators with on- and offline platforms, spreading stories are key. How do broadcasters and musicians survive in the present media landscape? Who are the new players and how do other European creative entrepreneurs and media platforms operate in these times?

The Meet the Media Sessions are free of charge to visit. Please note that visitors need to register in advance for the program. To register, email to tickets@noorderslag.nl. 


Keynote: Chris Price (BBC Radio 1) (B12 - Panel Room, 12:00 - 13:00)

Data vs. Discjockey panel (B12 - Panel Room, 15.00 – 16.00)

Festival, labels, media & managers panel (B7 - Panel Room, 13:30 - 14:30)

Meet the Media Sessions (13.30 – 14.00 & 14.10 – 14.40)
Meet the Media Sessions are a format in which actively sharing ideas, learning from each other’s experiences, networking and co-creation are key. Difficulties, success and learning points can be openly discussed. In two rounds, you choose two of the nine media makers to join at their table. The nine makers come from different fields, but all have experience in new ways of ‘Spreading the stories’.

The Makers

Mark Egan (EBU and former BBC)
Mark Egan is a mobile video specialist. He was formerly an award-winning video journalist and trainer at the BBC. Now Mark trains news organizations and businesses around the world in using smartphones to create high quality video and social content. He is a faculty member of the Eurovision Academy and delivers to European Broadcasting Union's courses on shooting and editing video on smartphones. How do you use your mobile phone and some cheap technology to reach your audience with live-streaming? There is no doubt that going live is an important part of any social media strategy. For big events or music performances this can seem very difficult and expensive to do. However, there are now apps and cheap cameras that allow you to do multiple camera live streams that would have needed a huge budget in the past. Getting great sound can also be achieved without spending vast amounts of money.

Greg Cochrane (Loud and Quiet)
Currently the freelance digital director at independent music brand Loud And Quiet, Greg is the award-winning former editor of NME.com and music reporter for BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra. A three-times Mercury Prize judge, he is responsible for all of Loud and Quiet's digital strategy, including co-presenting their Midnight Chats podcast series. His recent contributor credits also include: Vevo, BBC Music, NME and Beats 1. Greg's recent story has seen him move from established media titles to successfully start the digital strategy of a brand almost from the beginning. In 10 months Loud And Quiet launched a new cross-platform site, podcast series, video franchise, radioshow, streaming curation profiles as well as establishing new brand partnerships. It's been about creating new quality ideas quickly.

Niels Aalberts (3voor12)
Since March 2016 Niels Aalberts is editor for 3voor12, the platform for all-things-music at Dutch public broadcasting company VPRO. From Monday – Thursday 3voor12 also runs a 3-hour evening radio show on national public radio 3FM. In previous jobs Niels was responsible for marketing at booking agency Friendly Fire, A&R and marketing for several Dutch artists, festivals and record labels such as PIAS, Universal and Sony. Key words: new media, music, music industry, journalism, festivals, marketing.

Gerard Walhof (VPRO Radio)
Gerard Walhof began his career with the VPRO in 1984. First as a program maker for VPRO Radio, mostly on 3FM with programs like Het Front, Frontlinie and La Stampa, but also on Radio 2 (Talk Radio), Radio 4 and Radio 5 (De Avonden). In 1992 he became group editor 3FM, where he was responsible for the development of the cross-media policy and media strategy for broadcasting festivals like Pinkpop and Lowlands. Gerard is also co-initiator and deputy editor of 3voor12, digital music platform, which was founded in 1998. In 2008 Gerard started as editor music programming at Radio 6 and was also responsible for the contents of all music programs on that channel. Since 2009 he is editor in chief at VPRO Radio.

Floris Daelemans (VRT)
Floris Daelemans started doing radio in 1984 at age eleven, by building his own FM transmitter and destroying the family television set in the process. Not so different from today really, where a degree in Systems Engineering and a few decades of experience in hosting and producing radio shows enable him to break and rebuild the very foundations of the medium. As an innovator for public broadcaster VRT in Belgium he is actively working on radio's digital future.

Kaisa Alenius & Sami Hahtala (YLE)
Kaisa Alenius is a documentarist working at Yle, the Finnish Broadcasting Company. In recent years Kaisa has been an integral part of the team that has developed new crowdsourced formats that combine the passion of fandom and the best knowledge of tv-professionals. The first crowdsourced production King Matti and Eurodance Lovers was awarded Koura honourable prize and was nominated for the Venla Finnish Television award. The second crowdsourced documentary To Nightwish with Love premiered in August 2016. Kaisa has been working as a culture journalist, director and scriptwriter since 2003. During the past ten years she has scripted and directed documentaries, documentary series, and a reality show. Kaisa has also worked for Helsingin Sanomat, the largest newspaper in Finland. At the moment she is working on a website on literature at Yle that involves co-operation with Finnish libraries, dozens of authors, over 80 bloggers, and thousands of readers.

Sami Hahtala is a producer, concept designer, and a content advisor at Yle, the Finnish Broadcasting Company. With nearly twenty years of experience in concept design and user experience in different industries, Sami has more recently focused on producing and developing content for both tv and different forms of digital media at Yle Arts and entertainment. Sami has produced two crowdsourced documentaries, King Matti and Eurodance Lovers, and To Nightwish with Love. These documentaries were based entirely on video footage and other material provided by their subjects. The documentary on Nightwish fans, for example, engaged hundreds of participants from over 50 countries, who provided over 200 hundred hours of video material. For a documentarist, crowdsourcing allows access to places and people that are largely out of reach for a traditional tv production.

Fiona Fortuin (VICE)
Fiona foruin (1982) is editor at Noisey Netherlands. Under her leadership, the local branch of Noisey has grown into one of the largest music sites in the Netherlands.since its foundation four years ago.

Jeroen Pen (Brandpunt)
Jeroen Pen (1987) began as a journalist at the web department of media of beautiful, stately companies with a rich offline history. There he regularly experienced the struggle that online journalism often is for traditional media. Now he works for Branpunt +, the on millennials focused online niece of the infamous KRO-NCRV show Brandpunt. Here the previously mentioned struggle changed in a wild dance of joy because Jeroen succeeded to reach a new generation. On The Future of Media conference, Jeroen will talk about how online journalism for everyone can become such a dance.

Rufus Kain (De Correspondent)
Rufus Kain (1989) is a cultural anthropologist and musician. For over six years he has been organizing festivals and has interviewed artists on a weekly basis for Amsterdam FM. As a singer-songwriter in the Dutch language, he has released three albums and a poetry book. While a lot of music journalism is about small daily issues, Kain writes about the political and economical side of the music industry.