Presented by: Buma Music in Motion Adidas, Red Bull Music and Google: A Brand’s Guide to Bands Daniel Cross Adidas, Record-Play (ES), Frank Janssen Striped Elephant (NL), Boye t' Lam Red Bull (NL), Mounir El Ghouat Red Bull (NL)

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De Oosterpoort, R3 - Panel Room
12:00 - 13:00

London and Barcelona-based music consultancy Record-Play has worked in music licensing for over fifteen years, brokering literally thousands of deals in that time, working for Google, Adidas and many other major consumer brands. Yet despite the increasing importance to the music industry of sync income, Record-Play's staff are still often struck by how little many musicians and rights holders know about their side of the industry. This is why they've produced 'A band's guide to brands, and a brand's guide to bands', a publication that aims to educate both music makers and music users on how to work with each other ethically and effectively. We've invited Daniel Cross (Global Music Manager Adidas and owner of Record-Play) to give us insights into what 'the other half' are thinking on both sides of licensing deals. Together with Red Bull Music and Google this panel will primarily look at the unique and unfolding opportunities for music in collaboration and partnerships with brands, ad agencies and marketers.

Moderator: Frank Janssen

Noorderslag speaker Daniel Cross
Daniel Cross
Adidas, Record-Play (ES)
When Daniel saw a gap in non-exclusive representation of independent labels' music for placement in brand and entertainment productions while providing ethically oriented consultation to brands on music strategy, Record-Play was born. Record-Play now has offices in 3 countries, employs 14 staff and supports clients in all areas of music licensing and clearance, as well as soundtrack supervision, use of music in marketing and retail environments and general music and brand strategy. In 2016 Record-Play launched its global A+R Network, MusicMap, unearthing new talent, trends and music insights and is now active in 130 countries. This year Record-Play, together with MusicTank published a free comprehensive ethical guide for brands and bands on sync, music licensing and music in marketing called Unlocking The Sync.
Noorderslag speaker Frank Janssen
Frank Janssen
Striped Elephant (NL)
Frank Janssen is in uiteenlopende disciplines in de muziekindustrie werkzaam geweest. Van platenzaak, lokale radio naar muziekjournalist om uiteindelijk hoofdredacteur/uitgever van het vakblad Entertainment Business te worden. Na zijn periode als marketingmanager bij Sony Music start hij zijn eigen communicatiebedrijf en geeft hij entertainmentmarketing aan de Hogeschool Utrecht. In 2007 keert hij terug bij Entertainment Business en start hij met de nieuwe vakuitgave EB Live voor de live industrie. Begin 2014 stapt Janssen over naar Buma/Stemra en bekleedt tot eind 2017 de functie van manager Communicatie & PR. In januari 2018 start hij zijn eigen communicatiebedrijf Striped Elephant.
Noorderslag speaker Boye t' Lam
Boye t' Lam
Red Bull (NL)
Boye ‘t Lam has been a programmer at Paradiso for over four years, specializing in electronic music and hiphop. He's also involved in other external projects such as being a member of the Red Bull Music organisation, and a programmer at Lowlands Festival. Before Paradiso Boye worked as a label manager at Rush Hour / Kindred Spirits for eight years.
Noorderslag speaker Mounir El Ghouat
Mounir El Ghouat
Red Bull (NL)
Culture Marketing Specialist at Red Bull