Presented by: Liveurope European Music Projects: State of Play and Future Perspectives Elise Phamgia Liveurope (FR), Anders Tangen NKA (NO), Fabien Miclet Independent Europan Affairs Consultant (FR), Ruud Berends Buma Cultuur, Eurosonic Noorderslag (NL), Vanessa Reed PRS Foundation (GB)

  • Pop Policy
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De Oosterpoort, B3 - Panel Room
13:30 - 14:30

In a complicated political context for the EU with Brexit looming, music industry players keep on reinforcing their ties at the European level regardless. Live venues, festivals, labels, export offices are gathering to work together as part of the Creative Europe programme, on topics as varied as artist mobility, circulation of repertoire, education or innovation.

This panel will offer a panorama of the key European projects in the music ecosystem and their role to structure the industry. What goals do they project? What new opportunities could appear for music through a potential European music policy in 2021?

Moderator: Fabien Miclet

Noorderslag speaker Elise Phamgia
Elise Phamgia
Liveurope (FR)
With a Master’s Degree in European Affairs, Elise has been building her expertise in international and European cultural cooperation projects between Paris, Lyon and Montreal. She is now the project coordinator for Liveurope, the first EU-supported platform bringing together fourteen iconic live music venues on the continent. Launched in 2014, the support for Liveurope has been renewed for four extra years in 2017.
Noorderslag speaker Anders Tangen
Anders Tangen
Anders Tangen is Project Manager for the Norwegian Live Music Association, an organisation for Norwegian venues and festivals. Anders is also co-President for the European network of live music venues and festivals, Live DMA. He also works as a coordinator for volunteers and staff at the Öya festival in Oslo.
Noorderslag speaker Fabien Miclet
Fabien Miclet
Independent Europan Affairs Consultant (FR)
Fabien is a French-Irish specialist in European funding, music policy and project management. Until the end of 2017 he was in charge of the coordination of Liveurope, the first EU-supported platform bringing together some of the best live music venues from all around the continent. He is now an independent consultant operating between Lisbon, Brussels and Paris. Fabien works with the European Commission and the European Parliament on a variety of policy initiatives, including the newly established 'Music Moves Europe' process.
Noorderslag speaker Ruud Berends
Ruud Berends
Buma Cultuur, Eurosonic Noorderslag (NL)
1979 - 1988    Founded and worked at a youth centre (Debarak) in Zutphen, a town in The Netherlands. (Booking the bands, the paperwork, the bar, the crew, djing, cleaning the toilets, cooking and the finances) 1984 – 1986    Social and cultural worker in a youthclub in Deventer, The Netherlands, working with problem youngsters. 1981 – 2001    Paperclip Agency in Nijmegen, a town in The Netherlands. Co-owner, senior agent, talentscout, international director. 2001 - current, I have my own company called Networking Music, a one stop shop for the international (live) music industry. Clients: /Dutch Impact Parties for the Dutch Export Office organisations (2002 – currrent) Eurosonic Noorderslag:  International marketing (2003 – current),   Manager ETEP & CE>ETEP (European Talent Exchange Program) (2003 – current), Head of sales (2013 – current),   Conference coordinator (2015 - current) Consultant PSB program, a Buma Cultuur / Dutch Government program for stimulating development of new export countries, for the entertainment industry. (2003 – 2011) Consultant for various other international companies and events such as Where is The Music (Sweden) and co-owner of the IFF (London, UK)
Noorderslag speaker Vanessa Reed
Vanessa Reed
PRS Foundation (GB)
Vanessa heads up PRS Foundation, the UK's leading funder of new music and talent development, where she's launched numerous talent development initiatives to support musicians of all backgrounds including the pioneering Momentum and Women Make Music funds. She recently won the music category in the Hospital Club’s 100 Awards for UK creative industry influencers and was awarded a Fellowship by Leeds College of Music. Vanessa is Chair of Sound UK Arts and Board member of Protein Dance and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic.