Presented by: Music Cities Network Talking Social Media Strategy for Venue Makers Lena Ingwersen Music Cities Network (DE), Stefan Bohne Artheater (DE)

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De Oosterpoort, R10 - Panel Room
13:30 - 14:30

What makes a person decide to go to a concert? Which content strategy is the right for my venue and my target group? How can I organise the whole social media stuff with my daily working routine? Which role shall my venue have in the future society?

As one of its projects the Music Cities Network has now started the first international Audience Development Knowledge Exchange Program between the venues and festivals of the participating music cities. Starting point was the just published study "The Future of Venue Communication', which investigates best practice models of marketing strategies, audience development and experience in the music sector. The study shows that - when talking social media - there still is a lot of potential, which is not being used by venues yet. Other fields, such as fashion and also (big) artists, use social media channels to a bigger extend already.

During this year's Eurosonic Festival the findings shall be taken into action during a Social Media Workshop for Venue Makers (taking place Thursday, 18.01.2018, 12.00 - 16.00 at Hampshire, Radesingelzaal - get in touch with the MCN if you want to take part) and during this panel, which will present findings and recommendations from the Social Media Workshop, will discuss the current challenges and needs and look into the future.

The Music Cities Network (MCN) is a new network dedicated to improving communication and cooperation between music cities around the world. The network was initiated by Hamburg Music Business Association (IHM) and Sound Diplomacy in summer 2016. The cities of Aarhus, Hamburg and Sydney were the first cities to sign up to the network and in 2017 the MCN welcomed Groningen and Nantes as a new member.

Moderator: Lena Ingwersen

Noorderslag speaker Lena Ingwersen
Lena Ingwersen
Music Cities Network (DE)
Lena Ingwersen is working as a culture and artist manager and is also known under her DJ name Lej. Apart from being the manager for the artists Girls in Airports, Øya and JBXDR in Germany, she is co-founder of the trans-disciplinary festival concept Hallo Festspiele and Schaltzentrale, an artistic format of spatial development in Hamburg. Since November 2016 she works for the Music Cities Network, a network dedicated to improving communication and cooperation between music cities around the world.
Noorderslag speaker Stefan Bohne
Stefan Bohne
Artheater (DE)
Stefan Bohne is a sound designer, actor, and director of ARTheater Cologne since 1998. There he developed event concepts based on different genres like theatre, visual arts, music, fashion, concerts and clubbing, making the ARTheater a very special place for modern culture. Musically the Artheater is orientated around techno and electronic music, while the concerts are mostly alternative, indie or neo-folk. They produced formats like Riot Fashion I-IV, performance parties with Mangamania as well as own theatre productions like Penetrator, Dead Mother, Der Kissenmann (Cologne Theatre Award 2006) and Edward Love War.