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De Oosterpoort, R10 - Panel Room
15:00 - 16:00

For many years Portuguese music was only known through its Fado ambassadors, from Amália Rodrigues to Mariza. But following the revolution in 1974. and starting with the Portuguese "new wave" of rock and pop groups, the country has experienced a veritable explosion of new music genres and stylistic mash-ups. This in turn has led to a wave of export-ready music such as the unique soundscapes of Madredeus, the Lusitanian metal of Moonspell, the kuduru of Buraka Som Sistema, The Gift's alt-pop, with their latest album produced by Brian Eno (be sure to see them at Eurosonic), and other artists from The Legendary Tigerman to Batida. Get to know the Portuguese music industry from some of its leading cross-generational figures in this unique conversation moderated by Rui Miguel Abreu, the man with the biggest vinyl collection in all Portugal.

Moderator: Rui Miguel Abreu

Noorderslag speaker David Ferreira
David Ferreira
David Ferreira has worked for over 40 years in the commerce and record industry. He directed, from 1983 to 2007, the joint-venture EMI-Valentim de Carvalho, which became EMI Music Portugal, and was market leader at the helm of the biggest music label in Portugal. From the end of the 80's to 2007, David Ferreira was involved in both IFPI's and their local Portuguese branch's activities, of which he was Director and President. He worked on the restoration, research and publication of the national phonographic archive with special focus on the works of Amália Rodrigues. Since 2011, he works regularly with the public radio station RTP-Antena 1 and his weekly programme That Hate Thing was awarded “Best Radio Programme” by SPA, the Portuguese Authors' Society in 2013. His daily short programme “Telling” pays special attention to the History of Portuguese Popular Music.
Noorderslag speaker Márcio Laranjeira
Márcio Laranjeira
Lovers & Lollypops (PT)
Marcio Laranjeira is one of the faces of Lovers and Lollypops, a promotor and label based in Porto. Active since 2005, it is the engine behind Milhoes de Festa and Tremor festivals among other events. As a label Lovers and Lollypops has released more than 80 recordings from Portuguese and non-Portuguese artists.
Noorderslag speaker Pedro Coquenão
Pedro Coquenão
Born in Huambo, Angola, 1974, Pedro grew up in Lisbon. It all started in 79 when he did his first track with his cousins “Surukundina” in his aunt Dalila´s house. He had an Internship on Radio Marginal, where he was a Radio DJ, Music Programmer, Head of Station and founded Radio Fazuma, a show based on Reggae and African Music. On Antena 3 (National Public Radio), Pedro Coquenão started to broadcast Musica Enrolada while on MTV Portugal he ran the music programming and Talent and Music Management. In 2007 he started radio show Batida on Antena 3, showcasing the new African-influenced electronic music. One year later his first track Bazuka came out. Now Pedro has three albums out and is touring extensively.
Noorderslag speaker Rui Miguel Abreu
Rui Miguel Abreu
Rimas e Batidas (PT)
Rui Miguel Abreu has been a music journalist for 28 years and is now one of the most respected voices in this area. He is a senior writer for Portugal's main music mag Blitz and also a senior radio presenter on national Station Antena 3, where he is the resident hip hop specialist with a weekly two-hour show. He is also behind the Electric Africa radio show on RDP Africa, did A&R work for imprint Valentim de Carvalho and curates for various music festivals. He also owns and manages digital magazine,