Presented by: IMPALA The Exciting World Of Independent Labels Tim Beuckels Unday Records (BE), Christian Wicky Irascible (CH), Anna Groß Springstoff (DE), Matthieu Philibert IMPALA (FR)

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De Oosterpoort, R3 - Panel Room
16:30 - 17:30

They have heard it all. That the music industry was collapsing. That record labels were a thing of the past. That they were not needed anymore.

Yet, some of them decided to take the plunge and to launch a record label against all odds. This panel will give you the opportunity to meet some of the most exciting independent record labels, and to discuss their challenges, their successes and their adventures.

Moderator: Matthieu Philibert

Noorderslag speaker Tim Beuckels
Tim Beuckels
Unday Records (BE)
Tim Beuckels is the founder and A&R of Unday Records, part of Ghent, Belgium based independent record company N.E.W.S. Records. In 2011, after a couple of years at N.E.W.S. as logstics manager and later sales manager, he succeeded in convincing the management that investing in a new indie label focusing on authentic and adventurous music might be a good idea. Six years after its foundation, Unday Records has become one of the most credible and reliable independent imprints in Belgium. The prime reason for its success, apart from the roster, seems to be the philosophy that you should only sign and invest in artists that you genuinely love and believe in. Only then will your network, expertise and dedication pay off.
Noorderslag speaker Christian Wicky
Christian Wicky
Irascible (CH)
Christian Wicky is co-CEO of Irascible Music, a Swiss distribution and promotion agency active since 2001. Irascible is the Swiss partner for Domino Records, City Slang, SC Group, Cargo Germany and numerous others. Christian started his life in the music business in 1990 playing with an indie rock band called Favez, got to tour a lot and meet many wonderful people. In 2017, Irascible Music launched its own label, cleverly called Irascible Records. Christian has a cat called Potus, which turned out to be quite an unfortunate name.
Noorderslag speaker Anna Groß
Anna Groß
Springstoff (DE)
Anna is an artist manager and booker at Springstoff, the Berlin-based music company that includes label, publishing, booking-event agency, and webshop. The label puts a special emphasis on education as in workshops and lectures as well as the support and promotion of women in music. Together with Anna's Co-CEO Rainer Scheerer and their team, they run the party and concert series 'Female Focus', that emphasises MCing and DJing, runs showcases, and started the party series 'Let The Bass Drop' with an all fem line-up. .
Noorderslag speaker Matthieu Philibert
Matthieu Philibert
After a few years at eBay, Matthieu Philibert joined IMPALA – the European Association of Independent Music Companies – in 2011. On behalf of independents he is actively involved in EU discussions in Brussels around copyright, access to finance for cultural and creative SMEs, promoting cultural diversity and competition, among many other issues. IMPALA’s Digital Action Plan, published in 2015, encapsulates the independents’ current policy priorities, the over-arching focus of this document being the need for Europe to devise an industrial policy focusing on the unique strength and diversity of Europe’s cultural and creative sectors.