Seinabo Sey

  • pop
  • soul


Seinabo Sey became a household name when Kygo's remix of her song 'Younger' became a viral hit. The Stockholm-based pop phenomenon, known for her powerful voice and captivating stage presence, inherited her immense talent from her father, West African musician Maudo Sey.

Initially influenced by the likes of Lauryn Hill and Alicia Keys, Seinabo has developed her very own R&B /electro sound. Her much-anticipated debut LP Pretend was an instant success after being released in October and she has just announced a European tour in early 2016, with dates in Scandinavia, Finland, Germany, France, UK, Belgium and Switzerland.

Seinabo, who grew up in Södermalm and Halmstad, had academic aspirations but moved to the Swedish capital at 16 to attend a music school programme at Fryshusets. In an interview she recalled: "I was really academically tracked... I tried to push away the whole music dream and thought I had to do something more in line with that, like becoming a lawyer or something. But then I realised I couldn't really [do that] so I moved to Stockholm."

Seinabo Sey was booked at Eurosonic Noorderslag 2 times

  • Eurosonic (2016)
  • Eurosonic (2015)