Today: Torch rally in protest against gas extraction in Groningen

Gas extractions in the province of Groningen has lead to subsequent earthquakes in recent years. Therefore, a torch rally will take place in the city on Friday, January 19.

Gas extraction has caused a number of earthquakes in recent years and left major damage in some places. It is expected that some 8,000 demonstrators will walk through the inner city protesting the gas extractions. The rally, which starts and ends at the Vismarkt, can lead to delays from 19:30 to 22:00 hours for Eurosonic visitors and the logistics of the festival. Traffic attendants will regularly provide a passage at the bridges for ESNS visitors. The organisation of ESNS supports the protest march and asks for solidarity and understanding for the demonstrators and traffic controllers. Please take some extra travel time into account.

You will find a map with the route here.