Presented by: Lab Vlieland Knowledge Sharing on Sustainability – The Key to Accelerating Sustainable Festivals Rutger Middendorp Academy for Popular Culture (NL), Chris Johnson Shambala Festival, Kambe Events Consultancy, Powerful Thinking (GB), Mayte de Vries Lab Vlieland, De Groene Kennisbank (NL), Douwe Luijnenburg Welcome to the Village (NL), Anne Arendsen Gemeente Utrecht (NL)

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De Oosterpoort, B13 - Panel Room
16:30 - 17:30

More and more festivals & events want to improve their sustainability, but face the challenge of not knowing how to do it. At the same time, municipalities are also becoming more focused on sustainability, and are encouraging festivals and events to move in this direction. There is a small group of front-runner festivals that do have the knowledge and expertise on sustainability through their pioneering work, and who want to share this knowledge with the rest of the sector to ensure sustainability is accelerated. This panel will focus on what type of knowledge is most interesting for festivals. Do you want to share your best practices regarding sustainability? Would you like to know how to make your festival more sustainable? Or inspire festivals in your municipality towards a more sustainable production? Come join our panel!

Moderator: Rutger Middendorp

Noorderslag speaker Rutger Middendorp
Rutger Middendorp
Academy for Popular Culture (NL)
Rutger Middendorp is a storyteller for brands and media. He is chief concept development at the Academy for Popular Culture, which is situated in the Northern Dutch cities of Groningen and Leeuwarden. He writes about technology’s up and downsides for Bright and FD Persoonlijk.
Noorderslag speaker Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson
Shambala Festival, Kambe Events Consultancy, Powerful Thinking (GB)
Chris is co-founder, Operations Director and Sustainability Lead of the pioneering Shambala Festival, a Director of Kambe Events Consultancy, co-founder and Chair of Powerful Thinking - the UK’s think-do tank on sustainable temporary energy – and co-founder and trustee of the Energy Revolution charity.
Noorderslag speaker Mayte de Vries
Mayte de Vries
Lab Vlieland, De Groene Kennisbank (NL)
Mayte de Vries works for Lab Vlieland, the founders of the Green Knowledge platform ‘De Groene Kennisbank’, a knowledge sharing platform aimed at increasing sustainability at festivals and events. Lab Vlieland is working closely with Into the Great Wide Open to continuously improve sustainability, working towards a CO2 neutral festival.
Noorderslag speaker Douwe Luijnenburg
Douwe Luijnenburg
Welcome to the Village (NL)
After studying rhetoric and philosophy, Douwe Luijnenburg made the logical next move to Theatre Festival 'De Parade' doing bar logistics, then worked his way sideways and down around the Dutch event scene. He has done a lot of F&B and production, and is now moving more towards sustainability and finance. Among current employers are festivals like Into the Great Wide Open, Welcome to The Village and ESNS. He thinks work and fun shouldn't be mutually exclusive. Also, he likes pinball.
Noorderslag speaker Anne Arendsen
Anne Arendsen
Gemeente Utrecht (NL)
Anne Arendsen Senior Policy Advisor Events at Gemeente Utrecht Anne is responsible for developing and implementing policy on events in the municipality of Utrecht. Utrecht is one of the cities which is a frontrunner on stimulating sustainability for festivals and events. In her role as senior policy advisor, she is working closely with Green Events NL to support festivals to get a Greener Festival award, and to support all events to increase sustainability in their operations.