The Student Hotel LIVE


17 - 20 January, between 13.00 - 18.00 (depending on the day and party)
The Student Hotel, Boterdiep 9
Access: free

During Eurosonic The Student Hotel will be all about music and entertainment, 4 days n a row! With a different/unique event every single day. A singer songwriter in the lobby or a complete band in a hotel room, is exactly what you can expect during TSH LIVE 2018!

With: Ableton, Kadepop, Lessons in Live, ROC Roadtrip, Nicolas Paul, Ruben van Hemmen, Robin IJzerman, Martin Loon, City of Life.

The Student Hotel LIVE is 1 keer geboekt op Eurosonic Noorderslag

  • ESNS Extra (2018)

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